Transitions: Wait! What?

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As we move through this series on Transitions, we will be experiencing a transition through time of the development of our patterns of worship as Methodist people in the United States.
As we think about early American Methodist worship spaces, they were largely “blank” halls designed not for Sunday morning worship, but for Sunday evening meetings of the Methodist Society. There were not Communion tables, lecterns, or baptismal fonts, because for the sacraments Methodists would attend Sunday morning worship with the Anglicans. If there was a pulpit, it was minimal. We recommend removing as much of the “regular furniture” from the front as you can for today’s service, and if any of it cannot be moved, simply do not use it.
What we’re wanting to convey by this is the sense that the space is “under construction,” that we’re in a time of transition where things aren’t like what they were, nor yet what they will be.
Today’s service is in the form of morning prayer, which lay at the basis of the early Methodist preaching services common when the travelling elder was not in town (eleven weekends out of twelve for many early American Methodist Episcopal churches).