Rehab Lenten Series: Wilderness

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First things first.  This morning, we celebrate thr Sacrament of Infant Baptism for Holland Charles White, daughter of Doug & Danielle Adams.
Last week, we were on the mountain with Jesus, transfigured before us. This week, we are driven into a wilderness with Jesus just after his baptism. And we’ll stay in this wilderness, figuratively speaking, through the season that lies ahead, this season we call Lent in English. Lent, in English, is more of a reference to the time of year this season falls in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when the days are “lengthening.” But in most other languages, the term for this season is derived from the earlier Latin name for it, Quadragesima, or forty. The Latin name points not to the lengthening of daylight, but the length of the season we began last Wednesday with Ash Wednesday. It’s forty days of intensive focus on learning the way of Christ and helping others learn it for the first time, or perhaps anew.