March 8, 2020 Minutes

Wheeler United Methodist Church Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2020

Attendance: David Banning, Bill Kane, Steve Gierke, Matt McGinley, Charlie McGinley, Ken White, Rick McKee, Barb Pauley, Kit Runion, Becky Gierke

Pastor opened the meeting by restating the purpose, which is to set areas of responsibility for Ministry Table members.

Positions: Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Building and Grounds, SPRC, Education,​     Worship, and Missions

The Missions Chairperson was not assigned and remains open.

Ministry Table Members


(Expiring Term in 2020) 

Becky Gierke — Secretary / Treasurer​

Kit Runion — SPRC

Lois Naillieux

(Expiring in 2021) 

Marv Brickner 

Bill Kane 

Barb Pauley — Financial Secretary​



(Expiring in 2022)

Ken White

Charlie McGinley — Worship

Rick McKee — Education


Jackie Banning (2021)

Steve Gierke (2022) — Building and Grounds​


Matt McGinley is currently serving as Lay Leader, a position voted on each year. Matt agreed to serve as Chairperson of the Ministry Table for 2020.

Church Security:​ Debbie and Bill Kane will invite a friend to visit the church property to assess the​ physical space with regard to a policy for security in the event of an intruder on the premises with the intent to harm. In the meantime, we have received a conference packet on the subject for anyone to read and review.

Treasurer’s Report: The chili cookoff netted $403.00 to be deposited into savings and allocated to the​ Missions account. An update of expenses, giving, and account balances was distributed.

With no other business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Gierke