Bishop Trimble Response to Stay-in-Place (4/24/2020)

Bishop Trimble responds to the extension of the “Stay at Home’ order through May 1, as announced by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb on April 20. Bishop asks churches to not gather for worship before May 17.

2020 Ministry Table

Welcome to the newest members of the

Wheeler United Methodist Church

Ministry Table.

The 2020 Ministry Table

The 2018 Class (term expiring 12/31/2020):

Becky Gierke

Kit Runion

Lois Naillieux


The 2019 Class (term expiring 12/31/2021):

Marv Brickner

Bill Kane

Barb Pauley


The 2020 Class (term expiring 12/31/2022):

Charlie McGinley

Ken White

Rick McKee


Alternate Ministry Table Member – Steve Gierke (in the event one of the members is unable to complete their term)

The 2020 Lay Leader – Matt McGinley (The Lay Leader is an automatic member of the Table)

Church Officers will be elected at the first meeting of the Ministry Table.

Ministry Table Minutes – June 23, 2019

WHEELER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Minutes — Ministry Table Meeting June 23, 2019


Attendance: Pastor David Banning, Chairperson Marvin Brickner, Jacking Banning, Bob Forney, Steve Gierke, Becky Gierke, Bill Kane, Debbie Kane, Lois Naillieux, Barb Pauley, Bill Pauley, John Ames, Kit Runion, Ken White, Matt McGinley. Pastor opened the meeting with prayer.   Building and Grounds – Ken White reported an update:

  • Paving the parking lots—Bill Pauley had photos. No bids yet—still in process.
  • Fixing the sanctuary ceiling—no responses from contractors yet.
  • The back door of the parsonage needs to be replaced. Trustees have added this to the list.
  • Trustees will need help getting air conditioners in windows—hot weather ahead
  • Looking into handrails for the north entrance of Blaine Hall
  • Bill Pauley has asked Jim Henry for a quote to power wash the handicap ramp in preparation for staining. Old rusted screws have been removed (Bill Pauley and Ben Henry).
Treasurer’s Report The Account Balances Report and the Quarter 2 Budget Report were distributed. The church recently received a generous gift of $10,000 for parking lot paving. There is over $53,000 in the savings account. The bills are being paid.
Food Pantry Account Funds – This account has been depleted. Pastor distributed one of the $25 gas cards this week, and the remaining $465 was given to the Hebron Food Pantry. The letters are on the bulletin board,
Wheeler Church Registered Sex Offender Policy – Pastor offered a prayer. The covenant letter to be signed was presented to the Ministry Table. It was unanimously approved. This is a confidential, sensitive matter and not intended for public discussion outside of the Ministry Table forum.
VBS – News and outreach for support of this year’s Vacation Bible School was shared in worship today. There are spots yet to be filled. Pastor is spearheading this effort for the last week of July.   With no further business, the meeting adjourned. No date was set for the next meeting.   Respectfully submitted, Rebecca Gierke, Secretary

Ministry Table Minutes – May 19, 2019