2020 Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is Wednesday, February 26th this year.  Wheeler UMC is going to be celebrating (‘Remembering’) Ash Wednesday a little differently this year.  Instead of having a formal Ash Wednesday Service, we are going to have a time of personal meditation and reflection in the Church Sanctuary.  Pastor David will be at the Church from 5:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. on Ash Wednesday.  The Sanctuary will be open for the entire time.  You are invited to come as your schedule permits; and simply kneel at the Altar Rails, praying to God as the Holy Spirit moves you.  Then you may leave when you feel appropriate.  There will be candles lit for your time of meditation and reflection, along with a meditative video to help you center on finding some alone time with God. 


Please take advantage of this time to reflect on what Ash Wednesday means to you and how you’ll spend this time beginning Lent to prepare yourself for Easter.


In Christ,

David Banning, Pastor

Wheeler United Methodist Church

2020 Lenten Series

Selah – Life in a Minor Key

Our theme for this Lenten series comes from an obscure, but often repeated word in various psalms: Selah. There is much debate as to what the word means, whether it is instruction, description, or simply a punctuation of some kind.

Chili Cook-Off 2020


Chili – Mild, or HOT!!!

Where:     Wheeler Methodist Church

              307 North Street, Wheeler, Indiana

When:      Saturday, March 7th

Time:       4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Cost:  $5.00/bottomless bowl
soda – 50c./Can
Hotdogs – $1.00
Bun for Hotdog – $100,000 or best offer

Fixin’s (Sour Cream, Onions, Shredded Cheese, etc) will be provided.

Prizes for: Firehouse Chili (Hottest)
Valentines’ Chili (Sweetest)
Adventurer’s Chili (Most Unique)
Best Overall (Simply – Your Fav)
Volunteers – How can we count on you to help Wheeler Ministries at our Annual Chili Cook-off?  Please complete the CHILI COOK-OFF VOLUNTEER FORM here.

Please complete & submit the following form to submit your chili in our Annual Chili Cook-off.


2020 Ministry Table

Welcome to the newest members of the

Wheeler United Methodist Church

Ministry Table.

The 2020 Ministry Table

The 2018 Class (term expiring 12/31/2020):

Becky Gierke

Kit Runion

Lois Naillieux


The 2019 Class (term expiring 12/31/2021):

Marv Brickner

Bill Kane

Barb Pauley


The 2020 Class (term expiring 12/31/2022):

Charlie McGinley

Ken White

Rick McKee


Alternate Ministry Table Member – Steve Gierke (in the event one of the members is unable to complete their term)

The 2020 Lay Leader – Matt McGinley (The Lay Leader is an automatic member of the Table)

Church Officers will be elected at the first meeting of the Ministry Table.

Wheeler UMC Campus Renovation


New Parking Lot


Wheeler United Methodist Church is pleased to share the exciting news of our new PAVED Parking Lot.  No more dredging through deep packed snow, or tripping on loose gravel.  We would also like to extend a sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed funds and time to make this project a reality.  Thank you especially to the Building & Grounds representatives on the Ministry Table, Ken White and Steve Gierke, for their diligent and arduous work on this project.
We invite you to come this Sunday and check out the new parking lot for yourselves.  See you in Church Sunday!

Ministry Table Minutes – June 23, 2019

WHEELER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Minutes — Ministry Table Meeting June 23, 2019


Attendance: Pastor David Banning, Chairperson Marvin Brickner, Jacking Banning, Bob Forney, Steve Gierke, Becky Gierke, Bill Kane, Debbie Kane, Lois Naillieux, Barb Pauley, Bill Pauley, John Ames, Kit Runion, Ken White, Matt McGinley. Pastor opened the meeting with prayer.   Building and Grounds – Ken White reported an update:

  • Paving the parking lots—Bill Pauley had photos. No bids yet—still in process.
  • Fixing the sanctuary ceiling—no responses from contractors yet.
  • The back door of the parsonage needs to be replaced. Trustees have added this to the list.
  • Trustees will need help getting air conditioners in windows—hot weather ahead
  • Looking into handrails for the north entrance of Blaine Hall
  • Bill Pauley has asked Jim Henry for a quote to power wash the handicap ramp in preparation for staining. Old rusted screws have been removed (Bill Pauley and Ben Henry).
Treasurer’s Report The Account Balances Report and the Quarter 2 Budget Report were distributed. The church recently received a generous gift of $10,000 for parking lot paving. There is over $53,000 in the savings account. The bills are being paid.
Food Pantry Account Funds – This account has been depleted. Pastor distributed one of the $25 gas cards this week, and the remaining $465 was given to the Hebron Food Pantry. The letters are on the bulletin board,
Wheeler Church Registered Sex Offender Policy – Pastor offered a prayer. The covenant letter to be signed was presented to the Ministry Table. It was unanimously approved. This is a confidential, sensitive matter and not intended for public discussion outside of the Ministry Table forum.
VBS – News and outreach for support of this year’s Vacation Bible School was shared in worship today. There are spots yet to be filled. Pastor is spearheading this effort for the last week of July.   With no further business, the meeting adjourned. No date was set for the next meeting.   Respectfully submitted, Rebecca Gierke, Secretary

Ministry Table Minutes – May 19, 2019

WHEELER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Minutes — Ministry Table Meeting May 19, 2019


Attendance: Pastor David Banning, Chairperson Marvin Brickner, Jacking Banning, Bob Forney, Steve Gierke, Becky Gierke, Bill Kane, Debbie Kane, Lois Naillieux, Bill Pauley, Kit Runion, Ken White   Pastor opened the meeting with prayer.   Building and Grounds – Kenny offered to chair this area for one year and presented a list of projects:

  • Paving the parking lots
  • Fixing the sanctuary ceiling
  • Lighting and repairing outdoor church signs
  • Upgrading the fellowship hall – finishing the “wish” list
  • Tossing the rotted timbers on the west side of the church
  Pastor noted that the sanctuary ceiling might be at the same level of priority as the parking and that we might consider investigating both as top priorities. The next step is to get firm bids from contractors and then consider available funds once we have prices to consider.
Ceiling Project – Kenny will contact a couple contractors (Steve passed along some names).
Paving Project – Steve will distribute scope for bids.
Outdoor signs – Pastor David offered to check with the church in Hamlet for electronic sign information.
Congregational Care – Kit offered to serve in this capacity on the Ministry Table. Pastor will give Kit access to the online member database so she may develop a plan for reaching out to members or attendees we haven’t seen in a while. We thank Shirley Harden for her great work in sending cards to folks who are ill, in the hospital, or grieving a loss. It is everyone’s responsibility to aid in efforts like this, and we need to continue to share news, names, and addresses so contacts and outreach may be made.
Worship Leader – Steve offered to serve in this capacity on the Ministry Table.
Wheeler Church Registered Sex Offender Policy – Steve will get with Marv within the week to provide a proposed policy for Wheeler.
Food Pantry Funds – The “Stuff the Bus” project has been cancelled. Kenny will contact Christine at Salem Church to see if we might donate some or all of our Food Pantry funds to aid in their efforts to help 60 needy families with food. Once we have some idea of how best to help, the Ministry Table members will be contacted via email or phone for consensus.
Gas Cards – Becky will use $100 from the Food Pantry funds to buy four $25 gas cards to have on hand for when we have someone in need come to the church for help.            
VBS – No date set yet. Lisa Zandy is willing to help but not direct VBS. Pastor and Jackie would like to recycle what we already have from prior years—all agreed this was a sound idea. Kit offered to help organize craft ideas and supplies. It was noted that Matt McGinley was great with the science/discovery area, and Tori Peracki is wonderful with games. It makes sense to find a week when most or all of our volunteers may be available. Pastor will get back to the group after talking with Lisa.
Summer Camp – It looks like 4 youth are planning to attend camp this summer. Pastor will let us know how many and when so we may support them in whatever way is needed.
F.U.U.N. Committee – Debbie reported that the committee would like to have a community-church picnic at the end of the VBS week. More later on that.   With no further business, the meeting adjourned. No date was set for the next meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Rebecca Gierke, Secretary

Revelation Bible Study Course

Have you ever been intrigued by the symbolism contained in the Book of Revelation? Have thoughts about what happens at the end of time ever crossed your mind? With the way our culture seems to be going, have you ever wondered if we are living in the final days? Does it seem like the Apocalypse is inching ever closer to becoming a reality?
Now’s the time to learn and, just maybe, have some of your questions answered.
Beginning on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, (what a unique timing of the date being September 11 and all!), at T.O.W.N. Square Adult Bible Study, we will be starting a Bible Study on the Book of Revelation. We invite you to come and be a part of this engaging Bible Study. T.O.W.N. Square begins with a family meal for everyone at 5:30 p.m. every Wednesday. At 6:00 p.m., everyone convenes in the sanctuary for a brief time of worship (1 song & prayer); then the various age groups are dismissed to go to their respective classes.
From the online Bible Study Courses… The Book of Revelation Bible Study is designed as an expository study of the Book of Revelation, taking the student through the entire book with cross references to other portions of Scripture. The purpose is to assist the student in gaining a greater comprehension of the biblical teaching contained in the Book of Revelation with an emphasis on practical application.
This study presents introductory information about the Book of Revelation followed by twenty-six lessons devoted to an in-depth study of the biblical text.
The student will begin by exploring a portion of Revelation with the help of a series of exploratory questions. There will then follow an in-depth study of the passage, guided by an expositional commentary on the text. The student should prepare for his study by asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten his mind and open his heart to receive not only the teaching of Scripture but Christ Himself as He is presented in the Scriptures.
To prepare in advance for the first class, we also invite you to visit the Bible Study Course on Revelation by clicking this link. Each week, we will be advancing through the courses set out in this website.
We look forward to seeing you at this engaging Bible Study next Wednesday. Please call me at the church number (219.759.1108) if you have any questions.