February 28, 2018 Minutes

February 27th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Members in attendance : Marv Brickner, Patti Stout, Jeremy Banning, Shiloh Banning, Pastor David Banning, Steve Gierke, Becky Gierke, Matt McGinley, Debbie Kane, Kit Runion

Call to prayer and praise by Pastor David and Marv.

Radical Hospitality: Fun Committee, Congregation care, UMR, Building and Grounds

  • Congregation care (Patti): Shut-in List current : Myra
  • UMW (Patti): Discussion about purchasing small chest freezer for basement to hold food for food pantry
  • Fun Committee (Debbie): Meeting at Four Fathers last Sunday 15 people attended, functions set up with people in charge of each sub group, Spring clean up community and church May 19th work suggestions needed, inviting Fire Department and Motorcycle Club to participate, sending postcard mailers to townspeople, possible dumpster rental for the day
  • Building and Grounds (Jeremy and Steve): different maintenance tasks brought up to be done such as coffee bar faucet, lights on 130 sign, and floor moldings, bigger tasks such as ceiling in sanctuary

Passionate Worship: Worship Team

  • Worship (Steve): Greeter and Liturgy teams are evolving, March greeter team Kit and Linda, Liturgy reader Lisa Zandy, discussion of church safety

Intentional Faith Development: Adult Education Team, Children Ministries Team

  • Adult Education (Matt and Pastor Dave): Current small group 24 hours that changed the world, Invitation to New Testament on Sunday morning, Serendipity on Wednesday night, upcoming classes Teaching in the UMC Tradition, A Disciples Path, Creed to be offered as needed
  • Children’s Ministries (Pastor Dave): VBS to be lead by Ryan and Katie Buzanowski, theme picked out, date TBD

Risk-taking Mission and Service: Mission Team

  • Missions (Patti): none

Extravagant Generosity: Treasurer’s Report, Staff Parish Relations, Memorial Report, Lay Leader Report

  • Treasurer’s Report(Les, Becky, Pastor Dave): report passed out
  • Staff Parish Relations(Kit): supply list of church wide supplies made and people assigned to monitor each category, Kit to purchase supplies based off list
  • Lay Leader Report (Matt): none
  • Memorial Report: none

New Business: discussion of hosting Red Cross Blood drive led by Matt M, men’s breakfast for Easter Sunday led by Matt

Date for next meeting April 10th 7:00 pm