Bertha Banning

Please pray for Pastor David & Jackie.  Pastor David’s mother, Bertha Banning, passed away on Sunday, May 13, 2019.  The family will be receiving visitors at Hillside Funeral Home, 8941 Kleinman Avenue, Highland, Indiana on Tuesday from 9:00-11:30 a.m. with a Memorial Service to follow at 11:30 a.m.  There will be a private internment for the family. In lieu of Flowers donations may be made to the Wheeler United Methodist Church.

Prayer Chain Updates (5/2/2019)

Here are some updates from the Prayer Chain postings over the past couple of days…


Becky Gierke’s Brother-in-Law:
My sister’s husband Ken Bruner had a kidney removed today. All went better than expected. He is out of surgery and in recovery.
No word on remaining cancer, if any, and treatment going forward, but this is very good news as he will have heart valve surgery sometime in the future, and docs were most concerned about heart issues in today’s surgery.
Barb Pauley’s surgery went well.  She returned home today and is recuperating at home.

Jackie Banning

Jackie Banning had to have a wisdom tooth pulled on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.  Please pray for her comfort and recovery.

Bill & Barb Pauley

Bill & Barb Pauley are undergoing certain medeical procedures over the next couple of weeks.  Please lift them both up in your prayers over the next several weeks.

John Ames

John Ames is in Porter Memorial Hospital recovering from a fall in his apartment.  His health condition is tenuous, though not necessarily grave.  But Jhn could certainly use all of our prayers as he recovers from his injuries.

Ken Bruner

This is an update from a previous Prayer Concern.  Ken Bruner is Becky Gierke’s brother-in-law  He is scheduled for a surgery this Thursday.  Ken also has a heart condition that potentially complicates the surgery.  He is, of course, very worried about the surgery.  Please keep Ken in your prayers often this Thursday.

A Co-worker’s Husband

Please pray for the husband of Becky Gierke’s co-worker who is recovering from shoulder replacement surgery. We thank God for the successful surgery and that the doctors attending to him were able to do what they had set out to do. We pray for continued improvement as he recovers, and we ask that if it be your will that the pain he is experiencing will lessen as each day passes. May your hand be upon his wife as she cares for him, and as each day passes, may they both feel your loving presence in their lives as they walk through this challenge together.