Marv Brickner’s sister Marlene

Please pray for Marv Brickner & his family as they grieve the passing of marv’s twin sister, Marlene, who passed away on Friday, November 16, 2018.

Janessa Moon

Please pray for Janessa Moon, Robin’s daughter.  Janessa is in St. Mary Medical Center, Hobart, Indiana with gallstones & pancreatitis (sp?).

John Ames

Please pray for John Ames.  John fell last week at home and broke his ankle.  He is recovering in Avalon Springs Rehabilitation Center in Valparaiso, Indiana.  In addition to his reco0very, John is dealing with other issues for which prayer are certainly needed.  

Earl & Barbara Householder

Wow!  Pleae pray for Earl & Barbara Householder.  They’ve received a LOT of bad news this past week.  Three of Earl’s siblings have past away earlier this year.  That is stressful enough.  Barbara received news that her sister passed away earlier this week.  She has been on our prayer chain as she has been in Hospice and in poor health. Unfortunately, that’s not all.
On Wednesday, Earl receved news that the tests he had done last week came back positive for cancer.  He is undergoing more tests tomorrow with a doctor’s appointment on Monday.
AND then, this morning, Earl received news that his remaining sister was killed in an automobile accident, obviously unexpected.  Their plate is FULL.
We need to circle them in prayer.  They’ll be busy over the next week or so, so I’m not sure if reaching out to them other than by card or letter would be difficult or nor.  But, please pray for them.