2019 Ministry Table

Wheeler United Methodist Church is pleased to announce the results of our elections for the 2019 Ministry Table.
The following members were elected to serve a three-year term (2019-2021) on the Ministry Table:
Marv Brickner
Barb Pauley
Bill Kane
Lois Naillieux was elected to serve a two-year term (2019-2020) to fill a vacated seat at the Table.
The following members were elected as Alternates to serve if one of the seats at the Table is vacated:
Ken White
Jackie Banning
Matt McGinley was elected for a one-year term as Congregational Lay Leader,  The Lay Leader also has a voting seat at the Ministry Table.
We welcome the new members of the Ministry Table to servev alongside with the following seated members of the Table:
Les Buchanan (2018-2019)
Steve Gierke (2018-2019)
Debbie Kane (2018-2019)
Becky Gierke (2018-2020)
Kit Runion (2018-2020)
May God bless these individuals and fill them with the Holy Spirit as they guide the Wheeler UMC in doing God’s will in our community.

Chili Cook-Off


Chili – Mild, or HOT!!!

Sponsored by Wheeler Youth Ministries

(For the benefit of Summer Camp Scholarships)

Where:     Wheeler Methodist Church, 307 North Street, Wheeler, Indiana

When:      Saturday, March 9th,  4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Cost:  $5.00/bottomless bowl
soda – 50c./Can
Hotdogs – $1.00
Bun for Hotdog – $100,000 (or best offer😆)
Fixin’s (Sour Cream, Onions, Shredded Cheese, etc) will be provided.
Contact the Church Office to enter your chili. (dave.banning@inumc.org)
Prizes for: Firehouse Chili (Hottest)
Valentines’ Chili (Sweetest)
Adventurer’s Chili (Most Unique)
Best Overall (Simply – Your Fav)

A Way Forward

As with all Church Denominations, the United Methodist Church is in conversation about how to move forward as the Church is faced with challenges about remaining united in the face of divergent viewpoints on how the Church should respond tp some of the cultural issues facing the Church, as well as the culture the Church finds itself.
I invite all members of the Church to visit the Indiana United Methodist Conference website and read what our Bishop has to say about responding to and becoming a part of the conversation on how the Church will respond to these challenges as it considers A Way Forward.
The Bishop, in his comments refer to a 93-page detsailed analysis put together by the Commission on a Way Forward that will be presented to a Special General Session of the United Methodist Church next February.  Although it is a long and detailed read, I encourage all of our church members to read it and become familiar with what is happening in our larger Church.  You can find the full report here.

February 28, 2018 Minutes

February 27th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Members in attendance : Marv Brickner, Patti Stout, Jeremy Banning, Shiloh Banning, Pastor David Banning, Steve Gierke, Becky Gierke, Matt McGinley, Debbie Kane, Kit Runion

Call to prayer and praise by Pastor David and Marv.

Radical Hospitality: Fun Committee, Congregation care, UMR, Building and Grounds

  • Congregation care (Patti): Shut-in List current : Myra
  • UMW (Patti): Discussion about purchasing small chest freezer for basement to hold food for food pantry
  • Fun Committee (Debbie): Meeting at Four Fathers last Sunday 15 people attended, functions set up with people in charge of each sub group, Spring clean up community and church May 19th work suggestions needed, inviting Fire Department and Motorcycle Club to participate, sending postcard mailers to townspeople, possible dumpster rental for the day
  • Building and Grounds (Jeremy and Steve): different maintenance tasks brought up to be done such as coffee bar faucet, lights on 130 sign, and floor moldings, bigger tasks such as ceiling in sanctuary

Passionate Worship: Worship Team

  • Worship (Steve): Greeter and Liturgy teams are evolving, March greeter team Kit and Linda, Liturgy reader Lisa Zandy, discussion of church safety

Intentional Faith Development: Adult Education Team, Children Ministries Team

  • Adult Education (Matt and Pastor Dave): Current small group 24 hours that changed the world, Invitation to New Testament on Sunday morning, Serendipity on Wednesday night, upcoming classes Teaching in the UMC Tradition, A Disciples Path, Creed to be offered as needed
  • Children’s Ministries (Pastor Dave): VBS to be lead by Ryan and Katie Buzanowski, theme picked out, date TBD

Risk-taking Mission and Service: Mission Team

  • Missions (Patti): none

Extravagant Generosity: Treasurer’s Report, Staff Parish Relations, Memorial Report, Lay Leader Report

  • Treasurer’s Report(Les, Becky, Pastor Dave): report passed out
  • Staff Parish Relations(Kit): supply list of church wide supplies made and people assigned to monitor each category, Kit to purchase supplies based off list
  • Lay Leader Report (Matt): none
  • Memorial Report: none

New Business: discussion of hosting Red Cross Blood drive led by Matt M, men’s breakfast for Easter Sunday led by Matt

Date for next meeting April 10th 7:00 pm

Ministry Table Minutes – January 9, 2018

January 9th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Members in attendance : Marv Brickner, Patti Stout, Jeremy Banning, Shiloh Banning, Pastor

David Banning, Steve Gierke, Becky Gierke, Les Buchanan, Matt McGinley, Debbie Kane, Kit Runion, Kenny White

Opening by Pastor Dave with agenda with explanation of new format that follows fruitful congregation outline for meetings here on out. 

Reading of Psalm 118, prayer of thanksgiving, followed by scripture lesson. 

Pastor’s report: Request for each member to submit a report for each committee prior to each meeting so agenda can be made prior to the monthly meeting. Motion to approve last months minutes along with this month (January) at February meeting.

Radical Hospitality​: Fun Committee, Congregation care, UMR, Building and Grounds

  • Congregation care (Patti): hospital visits the past few weeks, church wide birthday list along with anniversary list, meals for sick, injured, or shut in congregation members, discussed getting committee together to help visit with and make and deliver meals
  • UMW (Patti): approved first book of the year, new speakers coming this year, trying to focus on local missions
  • Fun Committee (Debbie):discussed coordinating committee for decorating and taking down decorations after holidays and events, discussion of what events throughout the church are within the Fun committees scope and if they need committee members, relating events to church vision statement, discussion on getting out list of current email address for members
  • Building and Grounds (Jeremy and Steve): discussion of formulation of team or committee to help with work around church, discussion of current list of things that need to be done around the church such as removal of projectors in sanctuary, status of sanctuary ceiling, snow removal and yard work, collection of past work (dates and costs) that has been done on the church and when future work should need to be done


Passionate Worship:​ Worship Team

  • Worship (Steve): working on new roles throughout the worship service such as new greeters and ushers for 2 week periods at a time or longer, training class for interested people to discuss roles and duties, also reading of liturgy during service, schedule of communion stewards


Intentional Faith Development:​ Adult Education Team, Children Ministries Team

  • Adult Education (Matt and Pastor Dave): discussion of growing intentional faith development at times other than Sunday morning service to help grow disciples, ad board previously approved two classes last year (Creed is a pre-requisite to join church,

Disciples Path is a pre-requisite to serve on ministry board)

  • Children’s Ministries (Pastor Dave): Chili cook-off February 10th hosted by youth group


Risk-taking Mission and Service​: Mission Team

  • Missions (Patti): Men’s shelter next dinner is Feb 11th will be provided by youth group


Extravagant Generosity​: Treasurer’s Report, Staff Parish Relations, Memorial Report, Lay Leader Report

  • Treasurer’s Report(Les, Becky, Pastor Dave): January bills all paid, online account for church has been activated, new signature cards have been signed at bank, Pastor Dave has been teaching Becky and Les about banking and deposits, Phil to provide breakdown of savings account money, addition of church debit card to use for supplies and van gas, switching to electronic payment for bills and pastor salary, stable sub-committee to help with accountability for distribution of money, explanation of December balance sheet done, discussion of budget needs for each committee
  • Staff Parish Relations(Kit): no new reports
  • Memorial Report :no new reports
  • Lay Leader Report (Matt): getting information from Steve on duties and email list


Motion to move February meeting to Feb 20th at 7 due to scheduling conflicts, motion approved.


Closing prayer by Pastor David.

Church Administration

Welcome to Wheeler United Methodist Church administration blog post.  This is where we’ll be publishing minutes from the Ministry Table as well as important updates relating to the administration and functions around the Church.  Please keep referring to this Blog to keep updated on what’s happening in and around Wheeler United Methodist Church.

Ministry Table Minutes – December 10, 2017

Meeting topic was Ministry Table and volunteering/ nominating staff persons for various areas of ministry concentration.


Lay Leader- Matt McGinley, previously elected by church congregation

Council Chairperson- Marv Brickner

Treasurer- Becky Gierke

Recording Secretary- Shiloh Banning

Finance Staff Person- Les Buchanan

Building/Grounds Staff Person- Jeremy Banning with Steve Gierke as assistant

Staff Parish Relations Staff Person (SPRC)- Kit Runion

Congregational Care Staff Person- Patti Stout

Missions Staff Person- Patti Stout

F.U.U.N. Staff Person- Debbie Kane

Worship Staff Person- Steve Gierke

Intentional Faith Development Staff Person- Matt McGinley

It was then decided that several committees would need subcommittees including but not limited to SPRC, Building/Grounds, FUUN

SPRC sub-committee to include Marv and Les

Concluded meeting with agreement of continuing meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm with the next meeting set for Tuesday, January 9, at 7 pm.