Wheeler United Methodist Church is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. As United Methodists, we proudly embrace Open Doors, Open Hearts, and Open Minds.  God’s love is for all of humanity, regardless of one’s position in life, cultural identity, or political philosophy.  We welcome you with God’s unbiased love and acceptance.

Our Beliefs


Our Staff


David Banning, Pastor

Pastor David has been under appointment to Wheeler Church since July, 2005.  He is a graduate of Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary. Touch bases with Pastor David via E-Mail here

Church Ministry Updates

2019 Ministry Table

Wheeler United Methodist Church is pleased to announce the results of our elections for the 2019 Ministry Table.
The following members were elected to serve a three-year term (2019-2021) on the Ministry Table:
Marv Brickner
Barb Pauley
Bill Kane
Lois Naillieux was elected to serve a two-year term (2019-2020) to fill a vacated seat at the Table.
The following members were elected as Alternates to serve if one of the seats at the Table is vacated:
Ken White
Jackie Banning
Matt McGinley was elected for a one-year term as Congregational Lay Leader,  The Lay Leader also has a voting seat at the Ministry Table.
We welcome the new members of the Ministry Table to servev alongside with the following seated members of the Table:
Les Buchanan (2018-2019)
Steve Gierke (2018-2019)
Debbie Kane (2018-2019)
Becky Gierke (2018-2020)
Kit Runion (2018-2020)
May God bless these individuals and fill them with the Holy Spirit as they guide the Wheeler UMC in doing God’s will in our community.

Chili Cook-Off


Chili – Mild, or HOT!!!

Sponsored by Wheeler Youth Ministries

(For the benefit of Summer Camp Scholarships)

Where:     Wheeler Methodist Church, 307 North Street, Wheeler, Indiana

When:      Saturday, March 9th,  4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Cost:  $5.00/bottomless bowl
soda – 50c./Can
Hotdogs – $1.00
Bun for Hotdog – $100,000 (or best offer😆)
Fixin’s (Sour Cream, Onions, Shredded Cheese, etc) will be provided.
Contact the Church Office to enter your chili. (dave.banning@inumc.org)
Prizes for: Firehouse Chili (Hottest)
Valentines’ Chili (Sweetest)
Adventurer’s Chili (Most Unique)
Best Overall (Simply – Your Fav)

A Way Forward

As with all Church Denominations, the United Methodist Church is in conversation about how to move forward as the Church is faced with challenges about remaining united in the face of divergent viewpoints on how the Church should respond tp some of the cultural issues facing the Church, as well as the culture the Church finds itself.
I invite all members of the Church to visit the Indiana United Methodist Conference website and read what our Bishop has to say about responding to and becoming a part of the conversation on how the Church will respond to these challenges as it considers A Way Forward.
The Bishop, in his comments refer to a 93-page detsailed analysis put together by the Commission on a Way Forward that will be presented to a Special General Session of the United Methodist Church next February.  Although it is a long and detailed read, I encourage all of our church members to read it and become familiar with what is happening in our larger Church.  You can find the full report here.


If you are a Church member or active constituent, the Online Church Directory is located here.  You will need the login information in order to access the directory.  Please send a request for the login information to the pastor here.