Coming Home for Christmas Advent Worship Series

In the United States, Christmastime and thoughts of home just go together. “I’ll be Home for Christmas,” and “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays,” are two of the most popular holiday songs, year after year. Christmas movies and television shows regularly feature stories of people going to their family home or extended family home over the holidays. Among the rituals we create for this darkest time of the year in the Northern hemisphere, perhaps the majority of them are associated with either going home or doing special things at home– whether lighting candles and having a time of family prayer during Advent, or decorating a Christmas tree, or caroling through a neighborhood, or hosting festive “open house” parties for friends, neighbors, and colleagues. It’s all about home.

Advent and Christmas Season are about another kind of homecoming, the homecoming of Christ to redeem and renew us, this earth, and all creation till “heaven and nature sing” with joy eternally. The Scriptures the church uses for Advent focus first on the final fulfillment, and later on the beginning of that fulfillment in Jesus. As they seek God’s joyous desire, they also make plain just how far from it we have been and challenge us with just how far we have to go, ourselves, to begin to live into it.

This year’s Advent and Christmas Season series embraces the secular seasonal metaphor of homecoming to wrap the challenging biblical texts this season gives us. Each week’s service will invite us to “unwrap” something that leads us toward making our hearts, our lives, our families, our communities, and our world more like the home Christ’s ultimate homecoming will make it to be. And each week, we also suggest an afternoon or evening gathering for the whole church to experience a seasonal tradition together.






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Volunteers Needed For Valparaiso Men’s Homeless Shelter

Every second Monday of each month during the school year, volunteers from Wheeler UMC gather together to serve the gentlemen of the Shelter an evening meal, share the grace and love of Jesus Christ, and offer hope which can be found in God.
We need volunteers to assist in this ministry.  We are looking for groups of three or more to sign up to provide this service to the Shelter on one or more months.  It usually takes at least three individuals to take care of arranging food for the meal and delivering the food to the shelter in Valparaiso.
If your group can help, please fill out the
Shelter Volunteer Form which can be found here
If you have any questions, please get in touch with Susan Lahaie.  

Hanging of the Greens

Join us on Sunday, November 26 as we prepare to celebrate the Advent of our Lord and decorate the Church for this festive holiday.  We will begin after our Sunday morning worship service.  There’s a lot to do for everyone.  So, please join us.

Website Updates

I’ve been working on updating the website to include our current happenings in and around the Church.  I invite you to visit our

Website, especially looking at these three areas.

Connect – Ways to Connect to our Church

Adult Discipleship– Ways to engage in your Christian Walk.  I’ve been talking a lot about Christian Discipleship for the past couple of months.  Attending worship is really only a small part of our Christian Walk.  FAR MORE IMPORTANT is what we do about growing in our faith.  Throughout our society, we recognize the value of growing, learning and maturing.  We don’t think twice about sending our children to school; many of us participate in seminars and other technical training necessary for us to remain sharp in our skills necessary for our jobs; we attend training events for other volunteer positions we undertake; we even take lessons to learn how to hit a golf ball better (at least some of us should!).  But when it comes to our faith and understanding of God, we take a far less engaging approach. 

And of course, each week, you can revisit our worship experience as Pastor David’s message for each Sunday is usually online by the end of Monday under the Worship Tab on our Website.

I invite you to check out the updates.  In fact, I have a favor to ask.  Look at the website not only from your eyes, but also look at the website as if you were new to our church and wanted more information about our church.  Would the Website help you in getting to know us better?  Are there things you might look for that are not there?  Is it easy to negotiate around the Website?  Suggestions for improvements?  Of course, there are limitations; but if it can be better, let’s work on that improvement together.


Serendipity Bible Study

Serendipity Bible Study

Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.

A Bible study for every person, every group, every interest, every need Serendipity is what happens when two or three get together and share their lives—and the Holy Spirit does something beautiful when least expected.
The Serendipity Bible offers 60 course outlines for every felt need: spirituality, marketplace, recovery, marriage, and a myriad of special needs. It offers studies for every demographic: couples, singles, parents, youth, men, women, and many more. You can study the Bible by topic, book, stories, or through studies that take you through the church year. Beginner studies use questions that are open-ended, promote sharing, and feature hard-hitting, relevant endings. Advanced Bible teachings take groups deeper with questions that help leaders start the meeting, take the group through the reading, and create an effective close to the meeting. Thousands of penetrating study questions and extensive study help make the Serendipity Bible a flexible and exciting tool for Bible study leaders as well as for personal study. The Serendipity Bible is an outstanding resource for Bible study groups of all kinds. It’s the ideal choice for groups that want to mine the riches of God’s Word and for individuals who want a superb personal study Bible.